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We have translated our Churchyard Records into digital format which has enabled us to upload information to be shared on our website. We have received an increasing number of requests by people researching family histories and such and we hope this information will be useful.

The current Burial Register dates from the 24th September 1986. The previous 6 Burial Registers have been removed to Durham Records Office located at County Hall. They may be accessed there.

Standards of record keeping varied over the period and we can only upload the information as presented. It is not a requirement of the church to record grave locations in the Burial Register.

Please note that only burials or burial of ashes are recorded in the Burial Register.

Grave location data has been extracted from charts and information on headstones.

Finding a grave in our Churchyard

We suggest that you print a copy of the respective Chart, and, a copy of the Churchyard Key Chart to assist you in locating a specific grave. There are usually people around who can assist you during Tuesday & Thursday Coffee Mornings and give advise.

Records were last updated to 15th May 2017 [Version 53]

Churchyard Records

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