St Mary’s Church

    Church Street, Coxhoe, Durham  DH6 4DD       

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Memorial Window

We believe that the window (Lancet C) is the work of Messrs. Thompson & Snee of Gateshead, the central light being one of the many iterations of James Clark's (1858-1943) notorious (and oft reproduced) 1914 painting Duty (The Great Sacrifice), later purchased by Queen Mary and now installed in the Batenburg memorial chapel at St. Mildred's church, Whippingham (IofW).


The window was installed in 1920 from public subscription.

Lancet D (showing St Cuthbert holding the head of King Oswald) suffered damage many years ago and was restored in May 2018.

It is the oldest work of art commissioned, and installed, in the village of Coxhoe.